About Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is swimming in outdoor open bodies of water, including rivers, lakes reservoirs, oceans and bays.







Unlike the swimming pool there are less physical boundaries, no lanes, no tiled walls, and no chlorine and perhaps more importantly, the surrounding environment can be so incredibly different and varied. From a glass-like lake surrounded by mountains and trees to a choppy ocean roller-coaster.

Open water feels freer, wilder and alive with nature. The depths can be deeper, the colours vivid and the views breathtaking.

The growth of open water swimming in the UK has accelerated in the last couple of years and along with Triathlon it is one of our fastest growing events.

The Great Swim Series and the Olympics have boosted the nations awareness of open water swimming and increased it’s accessibility. With more and more events open water swimming is set to get stronger.

Organised Swimming Events

Organised swimming events often have a choice of distance and provide full safety cover, they are a great way to get involved. For events check out events calendar on our facebook page.

Open Water Swim Venues

Training venues for open water swimming, open water swimming groups and coached sessions are now represented throughout the UK.

We have courses specifically tailored to those interested in trying open water swimming for the first time and training for more accomplished swimmers to prepare for events.

Follow the rip tide and join us at open water swimming club.